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Interstate 83 Fatal Accident Has Local Ties

Were continuing to follow the early morning crash that took the lives of 3 construction workers.

The mother of one of the victims is reacting after learning of her son’s death.

And a longtime friend and coworker of the victim also says he saw the whole thing happen

Reporter Baylee Wojcik spoke with both of them tonight and has more on

The aftermath of the crash. Baylee?

Earlier today I talked with the Mother of 24-year-old Jesse McKenzie. She says she was told about her son’s death in the crash by his fiance this morning.

She tells me her son died from blunt force trauma. She says her family is overwhelmed with emotion, as well as the pressure of covering funeral costs. She says her son had no insurance. The family says they want mckenzie to be remembered as a devoted family member, fiance, and father to two young children.

“I don’t even know what to say. He was a loving father of two, loving father. He was just a fun-loving guy. He got along with everybody.”

Todd Albright says he was a construction worker at the scene when it happened. He also says he’s known McKenzie for over 10 years.

“All I know is when I turned around, the truck was on the shoulder, heading towards the crew.” “and did it all happen pretty quickly?” “yeah…three minutes.”

The family says they’re accepting any and all support at this time.



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