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Johnston Trial Update

Glen Johnston took the stand on Wednesday where he told the jury about the days leading up to the fatal shooting.

Johnston told jurors that after he learned of his wife’s affair, the couple reportedly decided to “make their marriage work.”

He then testified that two nights before the shooting, his wife reportedly went out with some friends, including the victim, Jude Srock.

Johnston stated that when his wife did not return home, he reportedly went to look for her and says that he found her with Srock.

He testified that the two argued and that Srock made claims that he (Johnston) was being abusive to his wife.

Johnston denied Srock’s abuse claims and testified that Srock had “intimidated” him.

Johnston claimed that on the day of the shooting, he took the gun with him for his own protection.

Throughout his testimony, Johnston stated that he had no intentions of killing Srock.

He also stated that he did not aim the gun directly at Srock, instead he “raised it up and pulled the trigger.”

Johnston also admitted to the jury that Srock’s alleged comments that “questioned his masculinity and his ability to ‘take care of’ his wife” made him very angry.

Closing arguments are expected to be held Thursday with deliberations to follow.

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