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Clearfield County Student Charged

Authorities in Clearfield County say a DuBois Area High School student is behind bars after he allegedly threatened to shoot a fellow student and was then found with multiple guns and ammunition inside his car while it was parked on school grounds.

Investigators say on Tuesday, Sept. 19, school officials received a complaint from a teacher after she reportedly overheard an altercation in her classroom between Ryan Mancuso, 18, and another 18-year-old student.

Police say the teacher was concerned that the altercation was going to escalate into a fight.

School officials say they then planned to meet with the students the following day to discuss the nature of the altercation.

Authorities say when they spoke with the other student, he reportedly told school officials that “Mancuso was crazy” and claimed that Mancuso had threatened to “shoot him and choke him out.”

Investigators say the student then told school officials that Mancuso allegedly kept weapons inside his car, even when he drives to school.

When asked for further detail about the previous altercation in the classroom, the other student claimed that it began in their English class and continued outside of school, according to the affidavit.

Police say the other student stated that Mancuso had allegedly messaged and called him the night before and continued to threaten him.

Officials say the student reportedly shared those messages with school authorities, as well as a recording of their phone conversation in which Mancuso reportedly states, “I will [expletive] choke you out with my bare hands.”

Police say during the conversation, Mancuso allegedly tried to entice the other student to fight him.

Authorities say they then spoke with Mancuso when he arrived at school on Wednesday, at which time he reportedly admitted to “having a squirrel gun” in his vehicle, along with ammunition.

Police say he later stated that “he may have a second weapon” in his vehicle as well.

When speaking with school officials, investigators say Mancuso claimed that the altercation began because the other student had accused him of “hanging out with his ex-girlfriend.”

Authorities say Mancuso also claimed that the other student had been following him and had also threatened to fight him.

According to the affidavit, authorities say Mancuso stated that he made the threatening phone call because when he confronted the other student, he (the other student) reportedly threatened to “curb stomp” him, and then allegedly attempted to “jump him” in the parking lot after school.

Police say Mancuso did admit that he should not have threatened to “shoot” the other student.

Investigators noted that a search of Mancuso’s vehicle led to the discovery of multiple weapons and ammunition, including two rifles, a 12-gauge shotgun and a utility knife, all of which are prohibited from being possessed on school property.

According to online court records, Mancuso was arraigned Thursday morning on various charges, including multiple counts of felony terroristic threats, possessing weapons on school property and disorderly conduct.

His bail was denied as he was deemed to be a “serious threat.”

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