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Johnstown Airport Service

The pandemic brought new awareness to the problems of having limited internet access specifically in rural areas.

A new round of Federal funding is coming to Pennsylvania to improve access statewide.

Governor Tom Wolf and other officials, were at the Marion Walker Elementary School in Centre County, to provide the latest update on internet access funding.

Pennsylvania will receive at least $100 miilion dollars in Federal funding to improve high speed internet especially in areas where the service is lacking.

A parent spoke with us about her family’s long term internet frustrations.

“For 20 years we’ve only had two providers in our area. we pay for the highest speed of internet in our are we can get.but when we have inconsistent service in our area,nd we do a spedd test in our home,were not even close were supposed to have 100mbs,and we barely have in the teens.”

Its estimated at least 500 thousand Pennsylvanians are without broadband access.

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