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Election Turnout

Some elections still yet to be called, such as the GOP Senate race, with Mehmet Oz and David McCormick neck and neck.

But officials overall say that the election operated well.

Douglas Braff gives us the latest on how election officials are processing both mail in and in person ballots

The acting Secretary of State touted the rate of mail in voting returns as a sign that the primaries ran smoothly.

“The election Today was successful, with minimal issues throughout the day.”

“By close of business yesterday, Pennsylvania voters requested nearly 900,000 mail-in and absentee ballots. Approximately 70% of those ballots were returned.”

Leigh Chapman defended mail in voting Tuesday Night amid some issues in Berks and Lancaster Counties.

“And Pennsylvania voters love mail and voting. They’ve embraced it. You know, we’ve seen over 4.7 million Pennsylvanians use vote by mail. You know, this is an isolated incident. So, it’s unfair to blame this incident on Act 77.”

Although that wasn’t without any issues, such as a reported ballot shortage in Allegheny County for in person voters.

“We did receive one report that voters were turned away at a polling place because there were low ballots there, but we know that that was addressed. More ballots were delivered to the county and to the precincts. So, I believe those voters were also contacted.”

With all the chaos from the 2020 elections, Clearfield County Commissioner Dave Glass tells me they’ve learned from past elections.

“We’ve learned a lot of lessons since 2020, between COVID and the fact that it was the new mail-in expanded law, then it was pretty overwhelming in 2020. And now this primary, we’ve learned a lot of lessons. There’s always a few minor hiccups with any election, but overall, this was the smoothest election I’ve been a part of. There were no problems with ballots or machinery or…very few complaints from the precincts.”

With a potential recount looming, between Oz and McCormick in the GOP Senate race, there can be challenges for local election officials.

“It’s looking like we’re gonna have a recount because of the Republican Senate race. It looks like it’s gonna be within 0.5%. That’s not confirmed yet. I know they’re still counting, but obviously a recount is a pretty big disruptive event for county election offices. But, you know, we’ll do what we have to do.”

Nonetheless he says they’re optimistic for November.

“We had a lot of new poll workers and new judges of elections after being put into office last year, in the election.”

“I have to say, by and large, that they really came through with flying color side. We were done on time or ahead of time last night. If things go this well in November, I think we’ll be fine.”


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