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Large Scale Centre County Solar Farm Under Review

After years of discussion, a proposed agreement for a large scale solar power project designed to serve various Centre County entities is now under review.

Could this area near Hublersburg off of Route 64 in Walker Township, Centre County someday be the home of a huge solar farm?

Currently it’s the first option where a solar array would be located for a proposed solar power purchase agreement that would provide power to Centre County Government, State College Borough Government

The state college school district and other entities mainly in the Centre region. First discussed in 2019 a proposed contract is now on the table

“The solicitor for the county also represents several municipalities that are in the solar power purchase group, so that solicitor is reviewing it on behalf of several entities”

Some of the latest questions, about the solar project were included in this worksheet for the State College School Board at this week’s meeting.

Initially it would be a five year contract for the entities involved, and that Walker Township solar panel site could cover over 100 acres. The proposed contract could be up for a vote within a few weeks.

The goal of the solar agreement is to reduce the county’s greenhouse emissions, but questions remain about the cost and risks involved.

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