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More Atherton Street Construction

Traffic tie-ups continuing in downtown State College, and its not due to Penn State students returning to town for Fall semester.

As Gary Sinderson shows us one of the town’s main travel routes is once again under construction.

For Penndot, its an ongoing question from the public why does it seem like Atherton Street is always under construction?

“Yeah we get that question a bit. there is a lot of infrastructure that is underneath the roadway, its old,its deteriorating.”

And now, compounding motorist frustrations here Penndot’s work has shut the very busy block of South Atherton Street in Downtown State College between Beaver and College Avenue just as traffic was picking up with Penn State students returning to town

“Originally we planned the work when the students were way for the summer. we planned this job for two years. our industry and transportation is like a lot of industries.we’ve been dealing with a lot of procurement material delays”

Its expected the Beaver Avenue, Atherton Street intersection will be reopened next week, but that block of Atherton will remain closed through September 6th.

As for the entire, current phase of the Atherton Street project its another two years

“Starting next year we’ll be working on the water line between College and Hamilton Avenue. the last year, 2024 we’ll focus on getting our ends tied in with drainage and sidewalks”

Penndot says they wont be working on Penn State home football weekends. But detours, night work hours, increased pedestrian safety measures, and other changes will be in place

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