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New Johnstown Penny Candy Store

A new business has opened up offering a bargain for your buck or in this case penny!

A penny candy store is opening and the plan is to keep some of their prices low in the face of inflation.

Kernville Kandies and More has officially opened up and is offering sweets that are generations old!

It wasn’t until Monday when an old unoccupied clergy house on the 700 block of Somerset Street had a true purpose again.

Howard Bennett worked at the church next door and decided to transform the building into Kernville Kandies and More.

Howard Bennett the owner of Kernville Kandies and More said, “I thought this would be a great little addition to our neighborhood and to downtown Johnstown.”

The store specializes in offering sweet treats that have been popular for decades such as Sixlets, Caramel Creams and…

“Cracker Jacks, with a prize in every box. They don’t put it in a box anymore, but they do put it in a bag and the prize is still in there”

And at Kernville Kandies and More, besides candy there are also chips and ice cream available for a cheap price.

Bennett adds, “Cause it’s not about making the money. What I sell for a penny that should be two cents or three cents maybe on another item if it should sell for two or three cents and we put it at a Nickle, I feel that it can all offset.”

Besides the candy store, Bennett also works another job in downtown Johnstown.

And so, when he is at his other job, his assistant Sharon Kowalski runs the shop.

She says, she sold quite a few candy bars yesterday during their first day of business.

Sharon Kowalski the candy shop assistant said, “You can’t get these anywhere for a dollar fifty. There all two twenty-nine and up, some are two fifty in the stores.”

Bennett says owning a penny candy store can be challenging especially with today’s economy.

He adds, “Now, with the way prices have gone up on everything its really difficult to try and get a lot of that in and keep it, but I’m going to do my best.”

Bennett plans on turning the building into half candy store and the other half into a tanning salon.

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