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Deadly 6th Ave Johnstown Shooting

Take a look this is what the scene looked like shortly after shots rang out. Neugebauer tells us the two people in question are known by police. And were targeting each other when they were driving along Broad Street.

One of them died on scene here…the other sped off and crashed along Napoleon Street just a few miles away. That person has died in the hospital.

Again, this unraveled in broad daylight. District Attorney Greg Neugebauer is making an impassioned plea to the community

“School starts tomorrow, there’s a playground up the road, the Discovery Center is right behind us, this would be about the time school’s letting out when this happened.
This has gotta stop, this is a danger to the community at large, people acting like this, it’s time for the community to step up.”

Neugebauer says they are looking for three other people involved. Authorities are working to get us descriptions. We’ll pass along that information when we get it.

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