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Rep. Glen Thompson Under Fire

Rep. Glen Thompson is talking for the first time since his vote against a bill meant to protect gay marriage was scrutinized locally and nationally after it became public that he attended his gay son’s marriage ceremony three days later.

“I was surprised first of all that my personal family business became a national focus,” Thompson said at the annual Cambria County Farm Bureau Legislative Farm Tour. “I’ll be honest with you I didn’t read, see, or hear any of that as we were busy as a family at that point.

Thompson said the story, which came after he joined 157 Republicans to vote against ‘The Respect for Marriage Act’ in July was blown out of proportion.

“It shows you what some people will do and how sad some people are with what they will politicize,I’m just so thankful for all the support I received not only among my constituents but quite frankly across the state and surprisingly all across the country.”

Thompson said the bill was all about politics. That’s despite Justice Clarence Thomas writing in his opinion to overturn Roe vs. Wade that the Supreme Court should reconsider its decisions that allowed for gay marriage and interracial marriage.

“Quite frankly those political messaging bills and the Democrats do those before the election and that’s exactly what that was all about.”

As for the bill, it is in the hands of the senate where it has not been acted upon yet.

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