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New Elder Care Regulations

New regulations are in effect that Officials say will improve the care of Nursing Home Residents. Health Advocates say the regulations will require a minimum number of Caregivers for every Resident a Nursing Home has. They say this is the first time a required Caregiver ratio has been enforced in Pennsylvania.

The Department of Health says they will oversee the operation and that there will be penalties for facilities that don’t meet the minimum requirement. Officials say a Certified Nursing Assistant can care for 12 Residents during the day or evening and 20 at night. They say a Licensed Practical Nurse is allowed up to 25 Residents on a day shift, 30 in the evening, and 40 over night. They say the regulations will help both the Caretakers and the Residents.

One local Elder Care Advisor tells us these changes should create more opportunities to get into Nursing, but right now finding the Caretakers could be difficult. Elder Care Advisor Eileen Graham saying: “It’s going to be a big challenge, especially for the residents that need the care and the people that need to have employees to take care of people. We are still struggling with staffing issues. More direct care hours means that residents will be more likely to receive the individualized and personal care they deserve.”

Elder Care Advisors say tat if facilities cannot find the Caregivers meeting the requirement, Homes could even end up closing.

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