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Central PA 4th Fest

The largest fireworks show in Pennsylvania was held in State College on Tuesday, the Central PA 4th Fest. Here’s why this years event was different than year’s past.

Early Tuesday morning, set up work underway on the pen state campus for 4th fest. The beginning of a new day and a new era for the celebration. Celesta Powell, Executive Director of Central PA 4th Fest saying: “So we wanted to come back in a way that was responsible. We keep saying this show is as excellent as our community makes it.”

4th Fest scaled back, really scaled back in the past three years due to the pandemic. Could it come back was asked, especially since there’s new challenges in logistics, security and a host of other factors. Despite that, a full schedule of events returning this year, including a 4K run, followed by parade in Downtown State College, along with live bands and other activities, until the fireworks show. Celesta adding: “I like keeping people fat and happy. That’s what I always say. I just wanted to se that spark back for everybody.” Once again, dozens of Volunteers providing that spark, the 4th Fest work force and the momentum for whats to come. Celesta, in closing: “This our community. I know were all trying to figure it out and we’ll all be back here. I think it was really important to have this year and show people we are here. So I expect better stuff for next year.”

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