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Pa Cost For Vote Re-Count

David McCormick conceded the GOP U.S. Senate Primary race to Dr. Mehmet Oz on Friday.

But the automatic recount triggered by Oz’s narrow lead continued…

Even though David McCormick admitted defeat, that doesn’t have any legal backing to it and since the recount had already started, it was seen to completion today…at a 7-figure sum to taxpayers.

With David McCormick seeing the writing on the wall Friday Night, he waived the white flag.

“With the recount largely complete, we have a nominee.”

Even though McCormick conceeded to Dr. Mehmet Oz the recount to confirm Oz’s narrow 972 vote margin still had to be finished by Tuesday.

That was ordered on May 26th by the acting Secretary of State Leigh Chapman under a 2004 law creating an automatic recount provision, following the memorable 2000 recount of the Presidential results in Florida.

The cost to Pennsylvania taxpayers: more than $1 million, according to a Secretary of State estimate. That cost will be covered by the State Department, with counties being reimbursed for their efforts.

McCormick could have waived his right to that automatic recount, as was done in two Superior Court races, and the 2010 Democratic Primary race for Lieutenant Governor.

But with the race coming in as the narrowest vote margin of any of the previous triggered races, the 4th automatic recount since the new law went into effect was on.

“I want to emphasize this automatic recount is intended to ensure the count is accurate and their confidence in the results and outcome.”

While McCormick is confident the recount will confirm he lost by the skin of his teeth, the process of confirming that will soon come to a close as well.

“We spent the last 17 days making sure that every Republican vote was counted in a way that would result in the will of the Pennsylvania voters being fulfilled.”

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