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Pa Special Olympics

One annual event returning back to in person next month is the Pennsylvania Special Olympics Summer Games at Penn State.

Organizers are putting out a call for help needing community volunteers to help work the games.

Gary Sinderson has the story.

In state college, its one of the well known early summer events,bringing in athletes from across Pennsylvania

“Special Olympics summer games is returning June 2nd thru 4th. we are so excited, it’s been two years since we’ve had an in-person special Olympics, last year we had a virtual one”

After a Thursday Evening torch run, Special Olympics organizers busy Friday with preliminary set up work. There’s lots to do in staging the event. The athletes look forward to the trip to State College. The Special Olympics organizers found a home for the summer games at Penn State years ago.

Not only due to the facilities available, but also because of the continued support of the community especially in terms of a solid volunteer with the games back,organizer hoping the volunteers will also return

“We need volunteers desperately. not many people may be willing to come out yet due to Covid. Covid cases are rising again as were trying to be very cautious about everything”

With 15 hundred athletes and 800 coaches expected, over two thousand volunteers are needed for the Special Olympics at Penn State on June 2nd thru the 4th.

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