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Grampian Post Office Struck by Vehicle

A vehicle struck a local Post Office over the weekend. It happened at the small town office in Grampian and it is closed until further notice. The damage to the exterior has been boarded up. Until they repair the Post Office, those who use Grampians Post Office will have to send their mail from Curwensville instead.

The Grampian Penn Bloom Volunteer Fire Company said they were alerted to the crash at 10:35 Saturday morning. The Post Office being next door to the Firehouse, they were able to respond quickly. Once at the scene, the Fire Company says they found a Pickup Truck stuck inside the Post Office. They say a person inside the truck freed themself from the vehicle, but was stuck inside the building until crews rescued them. The Fire Company adds that they were taken to a Hospital in DuBois with minor injuries.

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