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Proposed Pay Raise For Penn State President

Details on the salary, or the proposed raise for Penn State President Neeli Bendapudi, not immediately disclosed at a meeting for the University Trustees Subcommittee on compensation.

In fact, the public portion of the meeting was only a few minutes long. The motion to increase Bendapudi’s salary was deemed reasonable, and reflection of current market value.

The motion was unanimously approved by the committee, and goes to the full board of trustees at their Friday meeting.

When she began her Penn State tenure in May of 2022, Bendapudi had a five year contact with a base pay of $950 thousand dollars with 350 thousand dollars in an annual supplemental retirement contribution.

The pay hike comes as Penn State deals with a budget deficit, and just last month Bendapudi announced plans to cut an additional $94 million dollars from the University budget beginning in fiscal year 2025

“These are not one time challenges or situations that are going to go away.these complexities,new way of thinking and working to maintain a long standing commitment to excellence”

On Wednesday, Penn State’s Faculty Senate approved a motion asking for more information from the University administrators on the proposed budget cuts and specifically how they will impact the University’s commonwealth campuses

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