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Rt 219 Expansion

“I am very excited, It will be second in the district behind the 11 mile stretch, from Somerset to Meyersdale.”

When the 4 lane highway is extended to I-68, PennDOT says it will be roughly 6 miles long, saving dozens of minutes on the already 59-mile long stretch of Route 219. Donahoe also notes plans for a maintenance facility, at the southern end of the project. She says they need to meet clearances, which includes alternatives and their impacts, to be reviewed in the late summer of 2023.

“We’ve done enough design on the highway to know the corridor that we are going to be going through. Doing all of the environmental studies and data collection, will help us refine those alignments.” This while discussing further plans to create more direct routes, from 219 straight to Meyersdale.

She notes this involves expanding a buffer zone, between the highway and areas with natural resources, and wildlife animals. This includes studying bats in the area, which Donahoe says are common because of the dormant mines underground.

“Then when we move on into the third round of public involvement, that will take place in spring of 2024. And then we will have joint pa, and Maryland, public hearings, for the project, in the summer of 2024.”

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