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Johnstown Police Shortage

The Johnstown Police Department is looking to fill eight officer positions but have only received six applicants with just over a week before applications are closing.

“Nationally the interest in police work is down based on the current events and the defund the police things that are going on.”

But Pritchard said he does not think that is the problem for Johnstown.

“Here in our community, we have great support for our police department,”

Officials said the pay is a deterrent.

“The simple answer is here in Johnstown we have to pay police officers more, We’ll see a turn-around of applicants once we’re able to pay the officers what they’re worth.”

“I think there’s less interest in folks wanting to relocate to the area. There’s also less interest because the wages that we have aren’t as competitive as some in the area,”

Officials say Governor Josh Shapiro is planning to get 400 more state police troopers on the streets.

“What that means for local officers is around here hopefully they’ll have the backup of the state police when they need it,”

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