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Rt 45 Fatal Accident Update

The Father of a victim in a deadly Centre County hit and run crash continued to question a judge regarding the driver’s story as to why he didn’t stop after hitting the victim.

Why did he leave the scene?

That’s been the prevailing question for more than two years now in the case involving Christopher Horner of State College, who Tuesday was given a jail sentence of 363 days to three years.

It was a snowy Friday night in April 2020 when Horner driving on Route 45 hit John David King, an Amish man who was on a Non-Motorized scooter.

The crash happened at this intersection outside of Millheim, Horner who didn’t stop to check on King, who was wearing reflective clothing. Was pronounced dead a short time later.

Horner told police he thought he sideswiped a deer and was worried about a deflating tire.

That’s why he kept going.

At Horner’s sentencing Tuesday in the court room, where members of King’s family, along with friends, they repeated a similar theme. They’re struggling to forgive haunt because they’re struggling to believe his story.

Despite Horner personally visiting the King family home about a week and a half ago.

In court, Horner apologized and said he’s accepted responsibility for the deadly crash. His attorney says 29 letters of support for Ward were written to the court and Centre County District Attorney’s office.

As the sentence specifies, Horner will spend at least 363 days in jail without the possibility of parole or work release in Centre County.

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