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SCI Smithfield Inmate Facing New Charges

Authorities say an inmate at SCI Smithfield is facing new charges after being accused of attempting to orchestrate the murder of his mother’s new husband.

Investigators say in May, troopers learned of an alleged murder-for-hire plot after reviewing letters that had been sent by 36-year-old Sean (Ceyon) Cuffy Jr.

According to the affidavit, Cuffy had allegedly sent the letters to a woman, and had asked her to contact a man who goes by the name “Leek.”

Police say Cuffy reportedly stated in the letters that “Leek” would “take 2 grand” to carry out the plot.

“They took my life, [expletive] them both,”

Troopers say, according to the letters and phone calls that Cuffy placed, he reportedly blamed the intended victim for getting him kicked out of his home in Philadelphia.

Investigators learned that Cuffy had previously served time in prison for shooting someone and had been released in early 2022.

Police say after Cuffy was reportedly kicked out of his home, by his mother, he was reportedly arrested again on various drug and gun charges, which resulted in a parole violation and him being sent to SCI Smithfield.

Troopers noted that Cuffy repeatedly referred to his mother’s new husband as the “white man” who got him sent back to jail.

Authorities say when they questioned Cuffy about the alleged plot, he claimed that he had “no issues” with the intended victim and that he had “no intention to see him harmed.”

Police say Cuffy admitted to writing the letters and making the various phone calls but stated that “he was in a bad place” and said that he later realized that the victim had nothing to do with his most recent arrest.

According to online court records, Cuffy faces one count of felony criminal solicitation of murder and three counts of criminal use of a communication device.

According to the Department of Corrections, Cuffy will now be housed at SCI Rockview and his bail was denied.

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