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Slippy Murder Case Closed

On Tuesday, Investigators officially announced the closure of the fatal stabbing case of 27-year-old Tyler Slippy. Nearly 2 years ago, Slippy was found stabbed to death in his Hollidaysburg apartment in November of 2020. The man who killed Slippy — identified as “Kenneth Kim” — took his own life later that year on Christmas Eve after fleeing from Police. Investigators say Kim confessed to a friend that he killed Slippy over a romantic rivalry.

Blair County District Attorney Pete Weeks held a Press Conference Tuesday morning, saying the final pieces of DNA evidence have been confirmed. Weeks saying: As a result of the totality of evidence collected through the course of this investigation, the District Attorney’s Office would have approved charges of First Degree Murder for Mr. Kim in the Homicide of Mr. Slippy, had Mr. Kim not taken his own life. Although Mr. Kim must be afforded the presumption of innocence, as a Jury of his peers will never be able to deliberate on the 1st Degree Murder charges that would have been filed, the District Attorney’s Office believes sufficient evidence was gathered during the investigation to support the prosecution of Mr. Kim.”

Weeks thanked Law Enforcement for their work on the case and says it is now closed.

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