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State College Area School District Lawsuit

We begin with a story out of Centre County.

There’s a difference between Private schools and Parochial schools in Pennsylvania.

The State College School District is citing that difference as a major factor

In asking that a Federal lawsuit against the district be dismissed.

In July, two sets of parents joined the Religious Rights Foundation of Pennsylvania,in a federal suit against the State College School District claiming the district unfairly discriminates against home school and Parochial students

Specifically in not allowing them to participate in school district extracurricular activities. The parents have children who attend Parochial schools in the district

And they filed suit, claiming the district is violating the students religious rights by not allowing them to participate in activities. The district says they responded initially ,back in May, to the parents with this e-mail

Saying we cannot grant your request to change our long standing practice of not having private school students participate in our PIAA sports teams.

That if we allow private school students to take part, we could be taking away opportunities for our state college area school district students

But when the Federal suit was filed ,the district says those filing suit, inexplicably changed the word Private from the district e-mail, to the word Parochial in their complaint .

The district goes on to claim the Plaintiff’s make unfounded allegations about district policies and alleged discrimination. The school district is asking a Federal Judge to dismiss the suit.

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