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State College Frat House Finds New Life

At Penn State, veterans have a new off campus site to call home, their own fraternity, as a long-term project to renovate the facility is finally finished.

Four blocks from the University Park campus, along Allen Street, is the Omega Delta Sigma fraternity house.

“I didn’t want to be part of fraternity to be honest, but these people are pretty much 25–26-year-old men and women, military veterans. The neighbors love them.”

Bill McCamley put his construction background expertise to work in heading up the renovation of the house that first began two years ago. However, the pandemic slowed the project.

“I couldn’t find help. When 50-thousand students leave this town, you can’t find anyone to do work within three counties.”

But now the work is complete, and for veterans, the fraternity is not only a home, but also a place to network, and provide a sense of community.

“If you need somewhere to go, having a rough time in life, the house is always open to veterans, and we welcome anyone who needs that as well.”

Plus, the house aligns with a vets’ commitment to service.

“Because it gives them something to do, it gives them a sense of purpose, outside of the military, and that’s important.”

Room for up to 34 vets is available here, and yes, it’s co-ed. Two women are among the tenants.

The house is a huge upgrade from the Penn State Vets Club’s previous off campus site that was more than one hundred years old.

“Like I say, there was a bad rap on fraternities that we hoped to overcome, and I think we have.”

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