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State College Man Preparing For Trial

An update now in the case of a State College man who was charged with raping a child 3 years ago and now is preparing to go to trial.

Gary Sinderson has our update.

This is Jackson Baker in June 2019 when police charged him with raping a one year old girl. Police said they had a witness who saw Baker assault the infant. A week later, prosecutors called the same man, claiming to be the witness,

To testify at Baker’s preliminary hearing. Baker was ordered to stand trial but since then its been a series of court delays and various motions filed in delaying the case Baker has denied the charges.

On the day he was arrested Baker said the evidence was circumstantial and the so called witness was a homeless man who wanted to move into his house

“And I didn’t do it. I never had a confrontation with this young man”

Baker, who worked as a Youth Pastor, according to police previously had encounters with law enforcement and Children and Youth Services in other states including reports in Florida and Oklahoma dating back to 2006.

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