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Clearfield County Jail on Lock-Down

The Clearfield County Jail was on lock-down.

This after all the county jail guards called in sick.

Douglas Braff spoke with the warden about this

The warden tells me the entire eight to four shift here at the county jail called in sick before they were meant to clock in Thursday Morning.

Warden David Kessling tells me they then tried ringing up some off duty staff but hardly any picked up.

Kessling says this forced him to have the midnight to eight shift to work for longer. With such a short supply of staff, he says they locked down the prison but have allowed inmates to continue certain activities.

“No, everyone’s locked in, like I said, the cells. We recognize, also, the individuals that are incarcerated here are gonna go stir-crazy if they’re stuck in a cell. Unfortunately, I cannot get them out into the yard at this time because I don’t have sufficient staffing to be able to do that. So, we’re trying to do everything that we can to be able to get them out of their cell so they can watch TV, video visit, things like that. But unfortunately, some of the things like programming, going into the yard, visitation this evening will be canceled because we just don’t have sufficient staffing to do it. So unfortunately, that is an impact. As far as public safety, everyone’s locked into units. So, we should be good in that regard.”

The Clearfield County Commissioners echoed this in a statement shared with us, saying those efforts were quote “oddly unsuccessful”.

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