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State University Funding

Penn State is proposing no increase in tuition next year for in-state students attending their commonwealth campuses. But as the Penn State Trustees are now meeting on budget issues a major component

Thursday Afternoon, a Penn State Trustee Committee on finance detailed a proposed University budget for the next two years. The University’s recent operating budget deficit of 140 million dollars is now projected to be 63 million.
As for tuition for the upcoming school year, a two percent increase for in-state students at University Park and no increase for that group at Commonwealth campuses.

But those figures based on an expected 7 percent increase in funding Penn State receives from the State. It directly impacts tuition levels. But the funding for Penn State, Pitt, Temple and Lincoln the State’s no-preferred
Universities is on hold. Its separate legislation that requires two thirds approval in the House and Senate, and a group of House Republicans are blocking approval, looking for concessions this year

“Our goal is to get reforms with these non-preferred using our two thirds vote as make sure that happens”

What are the house Republicans requesting for the four schools? Holding the line on tuition increases and

“Right to know, placing them under right to know.making sure we have accountability to transparency”

The schools are not subject to most of the provisions in the State’s right to know law, but another legislator tells us

“Right to know aspect? we’ve been in negotiations with universities,looking at a way to get more access”

Penn State’s full board of trustees is due to vote on the new tuition levels at their meeting on Friday.

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