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Governor Shapiro Visits Northern Cambria County

Its not a luxury it’s a necessity

That’s what Governor Josh Shapiro said Today about expanding internet access to more rural parts of Pennsylvania.

According to Governor Josh Shaprio more rural parts of Pennsylvania including parts of Cambria County will have high speed affordable internet within the next five years…

The Governor of Pennsylvania Josh Shaprio made a visit to the Northern Cambria Senior Center Thursday to discuss the importance of expanding internet access to more rural parts of Pennsylvania such as Northern Cambria County

“This is not a luxury; this is a necessity.”

Shaprio spoke on just how crucial having internet access is today

“We know that reliable, high speed affordable internet leads to better outcomes for our students when they learn. It leads to better healthcare outcomes.”

“We know that better economic outcomes, come when you have access to the internet.”

“We also know that its particularly important for our seniors.”

Velma Hineman is a member of the Northern Cambria Senior Center

“So, you don’t have internet access where you live right now? Not very good, no.”

Hineman says she will often travel the two miles from her home to the Senior Center so she can access the internet she says shes happy about the Govenor’s efforts to bring more internet access to Cambria County
and shes not the only one…

“It brings attention to Cambria county and it shows that the governor does care about rural America.”

“As we go into a room, we turn the light switch on and the light comes on and internet and Broadband should be just like that. Its not a luxury it’s a necessity.”

Shapiro says he recently learned theres 1.2 billion dollars in money available for Pennsylvania to get better internet access

“Now im assuming, like me none of you have any idea what 1.2 billion dollars means to you individually and that’s really the most important thing at the end of the day is how do we make sure that money helps you, helps Cambria County, helps the good people of Pennsylvania.”

Shaprio said after reviewing a map made by the Federal Government there was more than 50,000 Pennsylvanian’s living with unserved or underserved internet access and under a new five-year plan awaiting his signature
that would no longer be the case

“It means that finally they’re now going to get internet. Think about that. They’re going to get internet.”

“I think it’s great, yes, we can use it. I know that with high school children a lot of times they don’t have good access that they can’t get it, its not fast enough and they have problems so it’s good.”

“This is going to be a game changer for our commonwealth. Were really really excited and im grateful to all of you for giving us a few moments of your time today.”

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