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Title IX and School Impact

Earlier this week we told you about a group of female State College Hockey Players and their parents filing a Federal Title 9 court suit over playing time.

Gary Sinderson has a story where Title 9 is making an impact at another Centre County school district.

Title 9 legislation, in theory, is aimed at leveling the playing fields for Mens and Womens sports equal facilities and access for all athletes. Outside the Bald Eagle Area High School they’re now leveling this area for a new softball field. The school district’s softball program quite a successful history despite the team playing at the nearby Milesburg Little League Complex. Thats about to change with the new field

“It came about about because we had a civil rights complaint, Title 9, we didn’t have the same existing facilities for boys baseball and girls softball, baseball played on school property. softball traveled a mile and a half away”

The Title 9 impact can be seen at colleges and school districts across the country and this new construction could be a link to future upgrades elsewhere

“If they upgrade the facility where the boys are playing, they have to upgrade the facility where the girls are playing, just like us, even though the school facility is owned by little league.chances are Bellefonte softball will see some upgrades to, thats just my speculation”

The price tag for the new softball field close to $900,000 with the construction expected to be completed within the next few months

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