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Turn Around Don’t Drown

Emergency officials say they have advice for navigating flood conditions.

The Department Of Emergency Services in Somerset County says community members impacted by flooding can do several things to stay safe.

Emergency officials say drivers should try to avoid back-roads and stay up to date on road closures. They say that drivers should not try to go through a closed road.

Our cameras today were rolling as several vehicles drove through flooded roadways in Somerset and Huntingdon Counties.

Some of those roads had closure signs too.

Officials say they have a key phrase to remember when it comes to staying safe while driving: turn around, don’t drown.

“The floodwaters across the road it’s highly advisable not to cross them. You don’t know whats underneath the water, if the road is still there or not. So its always best to turn around. People say turn around, don’t drown.”

Officials say you can call your local non-emergency number to learn what roads are closed before driving.

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