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Huntingdon Flooding

Rain continuing to fall today across our region causing issues for people across our coverage area.

Flooding a concern today as high waters closed roads and flooded homes and businesses.

We begin with chief meteorologist tony martin who tells us if we can expect any relief.

We continue our coverage in Huntingdon county where residents say their seeing significant flooding

That’s where we find Zac Kaye who has an update on conditions there.

Chantelle as you can see many roads and places here throughout Huntingdon county are currently underwater as the rain continues. One local fire captain tells us this is worse than what they experienced last year.

According to the national weather service, the Juniata river is at moderate flood stage and expected to reach its highest point later tonight, closer to nine p-m, and into the early hours of the morning.

We stopped by one local baseball field in Huntingdon that is completely submerged.

Throughout the county you will find road closures, including Route 305 near Alexandria.

One local shopping center started preparing early this morning, making a dirt barricade at one of their entrances. They say they did this two years ago and it helped prevent flooding.

One local fire official tells us that it’s important to remember that moving water can look like it’s still, and can sweep you away easily.

“There’s a lot of flooding conditions around town, we’ve heard them all across the County, vehicles stuck in water, people stuck in their vehicles, flooded basements, pretty much anything flooded related.
This one is probably more significant than the last one, it’s a lot more prolonged, it’s expected to go into the night.”

We will continue to update you on the situation here in Huntingdon County near the Juniata River.

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