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18 Month Old Shot and Killed in Pittsburgh

A tragic story out of Pittsburgh.

An 18-month-old is dead after a drive by shooting.

Jennifer Borrasso spoke to a grieving family member about the senseless loss.

“I want justice done and I want him to serve. I want him to do life without parole. I want him to suffer that you did to my grandson.”

At a balloon release

Family and friends still stunned after 18-month-old Deavry Thomas was shot to death in a drive-by shooting near PPG Place along 4th Avenue Sunday Afternoon in Downtown Pittsburgh.

Police say a bullet went through the Jeep’s window, striking the baby boy who was inside the vehicle. He died at the scene.

Barbara Jean Johnson is the baby’s grandmother.

“Everybody loved him. He was a special child to all of us. He was named after my other great-nephew who passed away.”

Pittsburgh Public Safety confirmed the baby and his mom were not the intended target but a passenger in the vehicle was.

Police arrested and charged 26-year-old Londell Falconer of Wilmerding with Homicide

And criminal conspiracy for his involvement in Thomas’s murder.

According to the criminal complaint, Falconer and another unidentified man were caught on surveillance cameras in a Jeep Compass with Illinois plates. Police later got a call that 2 men dumped it on Tinsbury Street and took off..

Investigators say they connected Falconer through DNA evidence and fingerprints on a Redbull can tossed nearby

At first he denied any involvement but later said he was the driver..

The motive behind the shooting is not clear. An arrest warrant was just issued for a second suspect Markez Anger.

“That was an 18-month baby. He didn’t deserve that.”

“You took my grandson away from me.”

“I really don’t know why this target happened, but it was a messed up tragedy, a messed up target that took my grandchild away from me.”

“He didn’t have a life. My grandson had no life, so I thank God that God got him.”

Johnson said her Daughter had simply been doing some shopping downtown when the tragic shooting happened.

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