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A.I. Pornography Dangers

A bill is being proposed to make artificial intelligence generated child pornography illegal.

State representative of the 156th district Chris Pielli is the primary sponsor of the bill that was proposed Wednesday.

He said that material could already be considered illegal according to federal law, but a local district attorney said it would be difficult to have a similar case hold up in court currently.

“The way that the statute is presently written I don’t believe there’s anything prosecutors could do because it says depictions of a child, If it’s truly AI generated there wouldn’t be a human victim, an actual child victim of the image, so I don’t think the statute would apply or hold on appeal.”

Pielli said in some of the material, the faces of real sexual abuse victims are being used, which could make it easier to charge someone, but still might not be enough according to Sayers.

“It could be a loophole for the generation of videos and images that is purely AI that these sick individuals would be able to exchange and do stuff with that they couldn’t be prosecuted for,”

Sayers said he is glad to see a proactive approach in this area.

“The idea is to get in front of it as best as we can and work through it and work together, We have to keep up with the times. Law enforcement has to keep up with the times. The law has to keep up with the times. And that’s what we’re trying to do.”

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