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AASD Clarifies Rifle Policy

The Altoona Area School District is setting the record straight, clarifying a possible new adaption to a School Policy. Officials are clarifying that the new adaptation would allow trained Act 1-20 Certified Police Officers in the School District to have access to AR-15 semi-automatic rifles in the case of an emergency.

We’re told these Police Officers have to undergo full training before even being allowed to use the weapon and that the rifles would be stored away unless it is absolutely necessary to use them. AASD Superintendent Dr. Charles Prijateli saying: “They will not be carrying these around the building just willy nilly. If there’s a situation that requires them to have this type of tool, they will have the availability to use it if there’s some extreme situation they have to have it.”

The adoption of the Policy is still in its 30 day review. The School Board still has to finalize the Policy before it even shows up on the agenda.

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