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ACLU Fights Westmont Borough Sign Ordinance

The American Civil Liberties Union and Westmont are talking about the Borough’s enforcement of their sign ordinance, specifically over the display of political signs — more than 30 days before the Election. The ACLU gave the Borough a deadline of 5pm Wednesday night to respond, here’s the update from Thursday. We spoke with the Pennsylvania’s ACLU Legal Director Vic Walczak and he told us the Borough claims they can’t do anything about the current sign ordinance until the meeting next month.

Walczak says the Westmont Borough understands there are issues in their sign ordinance. However, the Borough continues to review that ordinance that will be discussed at their September meeting. Vic Walczak, the Pennsylvania ACLU Legal Director saying: “These are peoples’ homes. This is their Free Speech Rights. And if you don’t have Free Speech Rights in your own home, you’re not going to have it anywhere.”

Walczak says Westmont Borough’s current sign ordinance is Unconstitutional. He says — if Residents continue to get violations, they should fill out a complaint form on their website. As for the Borough, we tried calling several times but got no response.

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