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Anti Hunger Food Pantry

I spoke with a director from a local Johnstown food distribution center and he says food insecurity

Rodney Deangelo the director of the St. Vincent De Paul Society food distribution center says there has been an increase in those who go to food pantries since the pandemic and those numbers remain high due to inflation.

Deangelo says he gets his food from the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank where hes able to supply food to multiple pantries across Cambria County.

He also says during the Fall and Winter months the demand for food increases which can make the job in food distribution more challenging.

“We talk with the food pantries. We ask them, you know, is there anything you’re looking for that we can look for you through the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank. So, we can purchase and they can get it off of us. And so, it’s a nice relationship we have so we can work with the community, fill the needs, you know provide them with the food that they want.”

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