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Antisemitic Messages Left Around State College

Some State College residents woke up Sunday Morning to Antisemitic messages left in plastic bags at their homes.

Similar messages were also found on campus and downtown last month.

One of the targets of the attack was former council member Evan Myers.

The State College Police Chief says they are going to do everything they can to identify the people who are doing this.

The mayor of State College Borough Mayor Ezra Nanes is their first Jewish Mayor and says the investigation is ongoing at this point.

He says it’s not acceptable for people in the community to target others based on religion.

He told us about how important it is for the community to stay united.

“State college is not just people who live here permanently like me, like the myers, it’s all of our friends and family on campus, it’s all the students, it’s all the faculty, it’s all the people who visit. so there are major organizations on campus that are based around the jewish religion and heritage so this is not just an attack on the community it’s an attack on all of us.”

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