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Baby Formula Shortage

Once again, many parents with small children are asking for formula this Christmas.

This, as a severe baby formula shortage continues to linger across the U.S.

“We want to try to help people as much and as often as we can,”

“I still see a shortage, certainly. Its not as drastic as last year, but its, it definitely there, It was startling to go into a grocery store and see the shelves empty, practically of formula”.

And the formula Houpt is seeing the largest shortage in is ones for children with sensitive stomachs and in brands such as Enfamil or Similac.

“Here at Life Way, we really promote breastfeeding as the best option, but sometimes that doesn’t work for moms or sometimes there are moms that choose not to breastfeed and we say that’s fine too”.

Houpt says, the moms who wish not to breastfeed are getting creative when feeding their young children.

“One mom we know of that is using goats milk and she orders that online and it comes delivered to her home, And goats milk is actually very close to mothers milk, to human mothers milk”.

Life Way Pregnancy Center is entirely donor based and Houpt says they receive no funding for their services.

“If we have it, we will certainly give it to you. We never want to see a child go without what they need”.

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