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Families impacted by substance abuse often develop unhealthy, dysfunctional systems in order to cope. However, family members can assume healthy roles and behaviors to encourage and support their loved one’s recovery. The Be a Loving Mirror Family Recovery Program or BALM has developed a simple foundation, called the 7 Cs, to help families understand their role. We spoke with BALM Family Recovery Life Coach Stacey Karchner to learn more.


  1. You did not Cause your loved one’s addiction.
  2. You cannot Control your loved one’s addiction.
  3. You cannot Cure your loved one’s addiction.
  4. You CAN Contribute to their recovery.
  5. You are Connected to your loved one on a level that transcends their addiction.
  6. You CAN learn to Communicate more effectively with your loved one.
  7. You are ALWAYS at Choice!

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