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Beaver Stadium Funding

Will federal funding be used in the upcoming Beaver Stadium renovations at Penn State?

The stadium was recently included in a list of facilities nationwide, where federal money may be allocated.

In May, Penn State’s trustees approved $70 million for the first phase of a Beaver Stadium renovation project, but it was stressed that no state money, funding the university usually receives from the state legislature, will be used in the stadium project.

Now, there’s a new possible funding source from the federal government.

Late last week in Congress, the newly formed Historic Stadium Caucus was announced.

Beaver Stadium is included among 18, iconic stadiums nationwide, and the new caucus says preserving the stadiums’ legacies is vital, while also updating them with new technology and security measures.

Funding for infrastructure updates is listed as a caucus priority.

The economic impact of the stadiums is cited as a primary reason for the new federal initiative.

Penn State is expected to soon name an architect and construction management firm for a $700 million renovation of Beaver Stadium that will focus on the stadium’s west side and is expected to take up to four years to complete.

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