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Beaver Stadium Recycling Plan

This Saturday is the Penn State Football team’s home opener at Beaver Stadium.

And as Gary Sinderson reports for fans returning to the stadium, they’re already being urged to recycle.

When you have a hundred thousand or so on hand there’s a lot of recyclables, especially for the beverages

“We were looking at 5 to 10 tons of recyclables per game.thats just the parking lots. there’s more inside the bowl of the stadium”

Around the stadium, these now familiar plastic bag stands are already up. And the policy when to use a blue bag, and when to use a clear bag remains the same

“In the blue bags go the bottles,cans,jars. everything else into the clear bags for trash. so the lawn chairs, wading pools,that people are using to ice their beer do not go in with plastics.its bottles, cans or jars”

Speaking of clear bags, Penn State is allowing fans to carry larger bags into the stadium this year. They’ll still have to go through metal detectors or inspection stations.

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