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Beaverdale Post Office To Remain Open

It was last month when a Cambria County post office announced it was potentially going to close its doors for good due to a lease dispute.

However, that is no longer the case.

An official with the United States Postal Service tells 6 News the Beaverdale Post Office will no longer be suspending its service and residents are thrilled.

“It’s great to have the post office staying,”

“People just needed this post office here.”

The United States Postal Service sent an updated statement Wednesday saying “The postal service will not suspend service on May 19 and will remain in Beaverdale until further notice.”

Beaverdale residents like Swope and Chapman are excited they won’t have to resort to the Portage Post Office for their mail if the Beaverdale post office was actually going to close.

“Portage is a long way off,”

“That would have been a big inconvenience to mostly the elderly, you know me myself included. A lot of them don’t have transportation over there, you know, A lot of them just aren’t physically capable of going over so that, I don’t know. It just didn’t make sense whatsoever.”

Swope and Chapman both say they have been going to the Beaverdale Post Office since they were little boys growing up in Beaverdale and they are happy they can continue to go there for their mail.

“It would have been a real pain in the butt to transfer all your different things you’d have to change your address on like driver’s license, insurances, car registration and stuff like that. Bills, everything, It’s good to have it back here.”

According to data provided by the postal service, the Beaverdale location will its lease through the state of Pennsylvania.

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