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Bellefonte Tallyrand Stage

Plans for a new outdoor performing arts venue in Centre County are off to a great start as developers predict the venue will hit the right note in being a catalyst for other future projects.

“Its just my belief, and others beliefs that Bellefonte has always had a strong history for promoting the performing arts”

Now the believers here are developing this project the stage at Tallyrand envisioned as an outdoor, multi-functioning venue in Bellefonte’s Tallyrand Park that could host

Performing artists and other events from across Centre County. They’ve been talking about the project, working behind the scenes, for several years. The quiet phase ended Monday

“What we need now from everybody in this room and centre county,is support,and its not just money. we want people talking about it. we want a buzz. This is like field of it and they will come.”

Speaking of money, also revealed Monday a state funding grant to the tune of one million dollars. That’s almost half of the estimated price tag for the new stage. If all goes well, its hoped the new venue will be hosting the first performance in about two years, in the Summer or Fall of 2025.

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