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Bellefonte Wall Collapse Update

An update now on last weekend’s partial wall collapse near a Bellefonte-area roadway that has led to a downtown traffic detour.

Officials say it is now likely that the detour will be in place for more than just a few weeks.

Part of the wall along Spring Creek collapsed last Saturday and since then, traffic on Route 150 near the wall has been limited down to one lane.

Officials say a detour remains in place as crews work to repair the wall, which was originally built an estimated 100 years ago, with only stones for support.

On Thursday, Centre County administrators say they are keeping tabs on the situation through the county’s metropolitan planning organization.

“We reached out to the MPO, who has their ears to the ground constantly, and are monitoring any updates. I think PennDOT’s concern is putting out any dates at this point before they get through a full safety review first. Before they deem it safe to reopen, it will probably be some time.”

Bellefonte officials have been told that PennDOT is looking at several repair scenarios for the wall and the time frame for the work is estimated to be close to two months.

In the meantime, large commercial vehicles are being asked to avoid the area, except for local deliveries.

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