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Bellefonte Waterfront District Project Still On Hold

It’s a project that could bring in a lot of tourists’ spending and add a whole new look to downtown Bellefonte, but after years of delays, there’s still no confirmation whether the proposed Waterfront District Project will ever be built.

It’s been nearly six years since developers unveiled plans for the Waterfront District in Bellefonte.

Plans include a hotel, residential condominiums, and a parking garage; all to be built in a vacant lot along Spring Creek.

The lot has been empty since the Bush House Hotel burned down in 2006. Bellefonte borough manager Ralph Stewart says that the Waterfront Project is still in a holding pattern, with ongoing conversations with the developer.

“They’re still looking at various funding mechanisms to make the project successful. They’re looking at maybe reconfiguring some of the lots. There are three original properties. They’re looking at maybe combining two into one, so they are very active. We are still optimistic that we might see something this year.”

Developers previously said that the project could be a tourist destination, while supporting local businesses, especially those that are only a few blocks away in downtown Bellefonte.

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