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Cambria County Woman Arrested For Killing Her 5 Year Old Son

We begin with more information regarding a Cambria County mother who allegedly strangled her 5-year-old child to death

Reporter McKenzie Jarrell joins us live in the studio with more

According to Cambria County authorities a Cresson Township woman is facing a handful of charges in relation to the alleged killing of her 5-year-old son, Samson

According to the affidavit this incident took place Monday Afternoon

“911 was called shortly after 3 pm to Martha’s Manor Cozy Lane in Cresson Township.”

According to the criminal complain the 911 call made was for a child experiencing cardiac arrest

“He was found by family in a first floor bedroom. He had been dead for several hours before 911 was called.”

The complaint also says once on scene authorities tried to revive the boy but couldn’t

“I’d like to commend Cresson Township, Cresson Borough and County Detectives, to say this is a difficult case for law enforcement, for the coroner’s office, for the D.A.s office is frankly an understatement.”

“As a result of the investigation, charges were filed late last night against Jennifer L. Bowser 41 years of age of Cresson Township. she was the boy’s mother.”

Neugebauer says Bowser faces criminal homicide, aggravated assault and strangulation charges

“The charges were filed as a result of witness statements, physical evidence at the scene, clear observations of this little boy.”

According to the criminal complaint Bowser allegedly killed her son because the voices in her head told her too

The criminal complaint also states that according to Bowser’s family she was admitted to a mental health facility on January 30th for these voices in her head

“I think mental health is going to be a big part of this case on an ongoing basis. Obviously
we don’t know a whole lot about that situation right now, obviously there’s lots of privacy concerns around that which throughout the process well try to protect that privacy as much as possible.
obviously federal law comes into law with that quite a bit and state law for that matter, but I would expect, and I think it’s fairly obvious that’s going to be a big part of this case.”

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