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Bellefonte Woman Accused Of Bogus Fundraiser

A Centre County woman is accused of operating a bogus fundraiser scamming hundreds of dollars from multiple victims by claiming she was raising money for a family who lost their home in a fire.

The end of last year December 30th flames tear through this Bellefonte area home. The house is gutted, the family living there homeless.

Police say shortly afterwards, 52 year old Sherry Rossman of Bellefonte was collecting money,saying she was selling sandwiches for the fire victims.

But according to court documents filed by both the the Bellfonte Police and State Police the fundraiser was a scam and Rossman is now on the run, facing nearly 90 criminal counts.

Bellefonte Police say she swindled 347 dollars from 27 donors with state police listing another 80 dollars lost among 5 victims. Police say Rossman did initially contact Fishers Market in Milesburg about making sandwiches

For a fundraiser, but then they never heard back from her. Meantime, according to police, Rossman had sign up Sheetz for Sandwiches at various Bellefonte area clubs. Police say they talked to the fire victims, who confirmed

They never received any money from Rossman. Now a warrant has been issued for her arrest amid reports she’s left the state.


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