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Benner Pike Project Updates

We’ve been following the development along Benner Pike near Bellefonte.

Now another project will mean that Centre County Government will give up control of the only traffic light in the county they were in charge of.

The Benner Pike intersection near the County Prison and Rutters is getting another turning lane due to increasing traffic.

Recently we told you about the ongoing development on that stretch of roadway Just off of the Bellefonte exit for Interstate 99.

When the prison was built the county agreed to pay the bills for the traffic signal at the nearby intersection. Now, that will soon change.

“Now that there is significant growth that has occurred in that area, the over-reliance, or association with that one project is no longer the driving force behind the were looking to turn that back over to the township in its entirety”

Another convenience store along with a hotel and other businesses are all in the planning stages for that area of the Benner Pike.

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