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Brain Giles Trial Day Two

The trial for a Johnstown man accused of killing his wife continues.

I learned there were multiple potentially deadly hits causing fractures on Nancy Giles’ skull while the defense argues that evidence being presented by the prosecution doesn’t prove that Brian Giles committed the crime.

A forensic anthropologist that helped investigators reconstruct the scene when Nancy Giles’ body was found along a Johnstown trail, Dennis Dirkmaat says there was a fracture caused by blunt force trauma in the front and back of Nancy’s skull including the jaw being fragmented and not attached.

Either one could have potentially killed her according to forensic pathologist Willis Ennis.

There were notes Brian Giles allegedly wrote shown a call he allegedly made to Pennsylvania State Police and multiple interviews with Giles when Nancy was missing in late 2018 played during Today’s proceedings.

Throughout all of these Giles had stated Nancy was not missing but rather hiding and that he had seen her a few times after she allegedly disappeared on October 11th.

State Trooper Thomas Williams says he’s been in law enforcement for about 18 years and it’s the only time someone has called reporting their spouse was not missing.

Coroner Jeff Lees also testified saying Giles had no reaction when he told Giles his wife’s body had been found.

The Defense and Giles himself maintains his innocence saying he would not hurt his wife and that prosecutors have the wrong guy.

Giles tells me he hasn’t decided whether he’ll testify during the trial.

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