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Brian Giles Arrest Update

Today we’re learning more about what led to the arrest of Cambria County man on charges he killed his wife, after she was reported missing in 2018.

Crispin Havener has been following the case for us and joins us live with what the District Attorney is saying.

DA Greg Neguebauer says a lot of little pieces over the 3 1/2 year investigation, from witnesses and informants, to Brian Giles’ own words, led to the DA’s office filling charges Friday against Giles in the death of his wife Nancy
as the mystery continues about the fate of another woman he was living with in the months after Nancy’s disappearance.

“What did you think about the charges? I think they’re bogus.”

That was Brian Giles Friday as he was lead away for arraignment on homicide charges. A major step in a 3 1/2 year long investigation into the death of his wife Nancy.

“We finally got to the point where we felt we had the best possible case we could charge.”

“Did you kill Nancy? No I did not. Do you know where Jilly is? No I do not.”

Giles also faces harassment and assault charges against another missing woman, Jilly Todaro which has raised eyebrows about his role in their cases, with people in the community asking why he wasn’t locked up sooner.

District Attorney Greg Neguebauer says that unlike on tv cases take time to unravel.

“Sometimes these investigations take longer than certainly we want or certainly members of the community may want but the end goal is always to get it and to get it right.”

Over that time, Giles has denied knowing what happened to us and to everyone who’d listen.

But according to his arrest affidavit, he was telling people and investigators various details about Nancy’s death that were never made public.

“We do keep a lot of the information close to our vest because we do that to protect the integrity of the investigation. Sometimes somebody being interrogated gives a piece of info or eludes they know a piece of information that only the perpetrator of the crime would know.”

As for if there is any new information on Jilly’s case.

“I really ethically can not comment and put the two so…”

Still, after all this time, investigators say this a big step toward justice for Nancy and her family.

“Nancy died at the hands of another person. She did not deserve to die.”

While Giles awaits his day in court.

“Either way I look at it, people think I’m guilty. I’m not. People can kiss my ass.”

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