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Broadband Mapping Deadline

“We need more time.” That’s what officials nationwide are telling federal authorities about their new map to direct the development of better internet access.

The feds want to hear from you, but the deadline is soon approaching.

The Federal Communication Commission is doing the mapping to gauge the strength of internet nationwide.

As Governor Wolf said last spring, that’s where the current dispute begins when discussing the accuracy of the feds’ map.

“The Federal Communications Commission has already done a census. But I think it is very suspect.”

Thus, a new map for a new broadband survey is now ongoing, with many still saying the feds don’t have it right.

“We know there are thousands, thousands of families and businesses in Centre County that do not have high quality internet, or any internet at all.”

To correct that, and here’s one irony, especially for folks in underserved internet areas, you’re asked to go online, to the FCC mapping site, to provide direct inputs. But the deadline to do so is fast approaching.

“We do want to reiterate to the public you have three days to challenge the maps.”

So, Centre County is joining many municipalities, asking to delay the FCC survey deadline date. U.S. Senator Bob Casey says he’s hearing the same request.

“I want to be responsive to that. The opportunity we have on high-speed internet has never been more pregnant with possibilities because of all the funding that’s going to be available.”

Officials say $42 billion in federal funding is earmarked for internet upgrading nationwide.

The deadline for input on the map is Friday, Jan. 13th.

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